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        Current location:Home - CONTACT - CONTACT

        Sales of electrostatic precipitator (dry and wet) / high frequency power supply / pulse power supply

        Contact: Mr. Li
        Tel: 025-68575391 Mobile: 15996378753
        Email: gdhb_ lw@163.com

        After sales service of high frequency / pulse power supply (including sales of spare parts)


        Contact: Mr. Hu (business)
        Tel: 025-68227883 Mobile: 18851622668
        Email: 18851622668@163.com

        Contact: Mr. Liu (technical)
        Tel: 025-68575377 Mobile: 13813919924
        Email: liuxi256@126.com
        Fax: 025-68575369

        Sales of testing instruments
        (precision ammonia injection system, ultra-low emission flue gas continuous on-line monitoring system, denitration ammonia escape on-line monitoring system, portable flue gas analyzer, portable ammonia escape analyzer, etc.)

        Contact: Mr. Miao
        Tel: 025-68105611 Mobile: 13852287920
        Email: 13852287920@163.com

        Contact: Mr. Wang
        Tel: 025-69659912 Mobile: 13951998285
        Email: 694155077@qq.com

        After sales service of testing instruments (including sales of spare parts)

        Spare parts sales contact: Mr. Hu
        Tel: 025-68105628 Mobile: 15950598586
        Email: 327214705@qq.com
        Fax: 025-68105612


        Technical support contact: Mr. Gao
        Tel: 025-68105626 Mobile: 15905166690
        Email: 15905166690@163.com
        Comparison monitoring contact: Mr. Zhang
        Tel: 025-68105629 Mobile: 13515123720
        Email: amou83@163.com

        Zero discharge of wastewater and resource sales of crystalline salt


        Contact: Ms. sun
        Tel: 010-63767095 to 8401 Mobile: 13910050037
        Email: 13910050037@163.com
        Fax: 010-63767089

        Fuel intelligent system sales
        Contact: Mr. Shao
        Tel: 025-68575113 Mobile: 15850500361
        Email: shaoliang3006@163.com
        Fax: 025-68575132

        Intelligent (laser) coal quality analysis system


        Contact: Mr. Chen
        Tel: 025-69773581 Mobile: 13584048187
        Email: gdhbchenfei@163.com
        Fax: 025-69773581