Dear Customer,
Zhuoli Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. have purchased Assets / Business of Pelikan Hardcopy Scotland Ltd.
and has taken over the production and servicing of all existing accounts as Zhuorim TTR UK.

• Zhuorim makes this adjustment as seamless as possible, contact details and order processing will remain the same.

• Zhuoli Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is investing in the Scottish plant to secure its future with continued investment and expansion of our current range of TTR/MICR and Ink products. In addition we can now also offer the complete range of Zhuoli products

• As valued customers, we hope you will continue to keep this most valuable partnership and together we will both benefit from this new venture.

• Your contacts with Zhuorim TTR UK will remain the same as with Pelikan.

Registered address: Lothian Shelf (731) Ltd. ​trading as Zhuorim TTR UK. 50 Lothian Road, Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9WJ, Scotland, U.K.